About Us

Hot Weyered Sports Timing is owned and operated by Bonnie Weyer, a physical education teacher of more than 30 years. As an avid biker and cross country skier, her passion for physical activity extends beyond the classroom. Bonnie’s interest in cross country running began when her children participated in the sport 10 years ago. Her involvement with the team grew over the years, building upon her passion for competitive activities.

After the graduation of her daughters, Bonnie began timing cross country meets and road races as a way to stay involved with the running community. Five years later, she has decided to turn her hobby into a business venture with Hot Weyered Sports Timing. Hot Weyered Sports timing aims to serve the needs of small to mid-size races, within central Wisconsin. You can expect professional, accurate, fast results when you choose Hot Weyered Sports Timing, for a price that will fit into the budget of most organizations.

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